Sunday, April 6, 2014

orange and grey Baku WV Quad

Brushed up a Baku WV in orange today, and decided that I liked the two-tone look of leaving some of the black-washed white undercoat visible as a sort of charcoal grey. Still haven't got more basing material, so it's just flat brown at the moment. This Quad has four laser cannons, four anti-armour missiles, and an Incinerator turret on top. This figure is only 2cm tall.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

AAQ Dice

I'm going to have some special dice for the game. There are four 'danger levels' of dice, being black, green, blue and red.

Black dice have a 1/6 chance of rolling 0, a 4/6 chance of rolling 1, and a 1/6 chance of a critical 2.
Green dice have a 1/6 chance of rolling 1, a 4/6 chance of rolling 2, and a 1/6 chance of a critical 3.
Blue dice have a 1/6 chance of rolling 2, a 4/6 chance of rolling 3, and a 1/6 chance of a critical 4.
Red dice have a 1/6 chance of rolling 3, a 4/6 chance of rolling 4, and a 1/6 chance of a critical 5.

Different weapons use different dice, and when you make a successful targeting roll against an opponent's Quad, you then count up which weapons are going to fire, and roll an appropriate danger die for each weapon. Total up the result to find out the total damage dealt.

Sometimes rolling critical can give other effects too, though the details are still being determined, but one idea at the moment is having the Tesla Coil 'branch' on a critical hit, allowing it to hit another nearby opponent, and if you keep rolling criticals, it branches multiple times from the original target until you roll a standard number, or run out of nearby enemies for the lightning to branch out to.

Anyway (sorry for the blur, handheld shot in poor lighting) the pic is how the prototypes of the dice came up. They actually look really nice in real life, with inset standard numbers, and an embossed critical number (with the coloured background inset).

I'm considering some more ways the danger dice can be used during the game, in addition to using it for weapon damage, but I'll talk more about that at a later date.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Added blue to the white team

I found that just being black and white, the 3d shapes of the models of Team A didn't stand out very well, so I decided that all side-facing panels (any panel facing forward, backward or to the sides) would be painted pale blue, and any upward facing panels would be painted white.

I'm thinking of finding a slightly darker orange, so that I can shade the side panels of the orange team as well.

I've also ran out of flocking grit for the figure bases, so I'll have to order some of that in. Any figures I paint now will just have their bases painted brown until more flocking arrives.